Storage tips

Helpful hints for better storage

  1. Plan your storage space. Place items in the front that you may need access to and allow for walkways.

  2. Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep at home.

  3. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones.

  4. Wrap pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap or cardboard and mark FRAGILE, store them in an upright position.

  5. Computers, stereos, tv’s, dvd players need special care, pack in original packaging if you still have it, or bubble wrap and in a carton.

  6. Wrap mattresses in plastic or paper and do not place directly onto concrete floor.

  7. Where possible remove the legs from items of furniture, bed bases, tables etc to avoid damage and save space.

  8. Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

  9. Do not store food items unless in sealed containers.

  10. Batteries should be removed from all appliances and toys to avoid leakage.

  11. All mowers or machinery must have petrol drained so that they do not pose a threat to other storers.

  12. Even though the management take precautions against mice, these can come in with other tenants belongings.  IT IS THERE FOR ADVISABLE TO PLACE RODENT CONTROL BAITS INSIDE YOUR STORAGE UNIT.