Our storage Units

Our storage units are constructed with only the best materials available from top to bottom.

Starting with the concrete slabs made from 25mpa concrete with high strength reinforcing steel poured on moisture barrier.

Imported purpose designed and built storage buildings from the USA. All structural steel framing, perimeter walls, partition walls, roof and doors are made from high quality US steel 100% traceable to the mills it came from.

Our buildings have a solid standing seam style metal roof which clip to each other. This means the only penetrations in the roof panels are actually outside of the building envelope. Due to this, it is highly unlikely that the roof will ever leak.

The roof is rated to withstand up to 185km/hr wind and snow load of 1.6 metres.

A wide variety of unit sizes, with the advantage of most units having flexibility to be made larger or smaller depending on customer needs.

With the best roll-up doors in the industry, you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

Sizes range from 1.5 metres x 2.4 metres right up to 3.6 metres x 9.1 metres.

Prices range from $18.00 per week including GST up to $85.00 per week including GST.

Our unique drive through unit is 3 metres x 10.6 metres priced at $85.00 per week including GST.

PHONE US for more specific details and to hear about our opening special and our terms and conditions or if you would like to make an appointment to come and view the units.